Device For Non-PTA Phones: IKOS A Cheap Solution

In Pakistan, using an iPhone or any smartphone with mobile data and voice calling services requires approval from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). This can be a hurdle for people who have purchased non-PTA-approved phones or brought them from overseas. Fortunately, there’s a solution that allows you to bypass this challenge without breaking the bank. It’s called IKOS—a device that connects to your iPhone, offering additional functionality such as dual SIM capability, portable hotspot, and extended battery life. Here’s everything you need to know about this innovative product.

ikos device in pakistan

What Is IKOS?

IKOS is a compact and versatile device designed to bridge the gap between non-PTA-approved iPhones and mobile communication services. It serves as a multi-functional tool, providing not just SIM card slots for calls and texts, but also portable hotspot capabilities, dual SIM adapters, and extended battery life for your devices.

How Does It Work?

IKOS Device connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth, enabling you to use additional features. By inserting SIM cards into the IKOS device, you can switch between different SIMs without having to open your iPhone. This is especially useful for those who travel frequently or need to manage multiple phone numbers.

Additionally, IKOS can act as a portable hotspot, allowing you to share mobile data with other devices such as tablets or laptops. This feature is invaluable when you’re on the move or in areas with limited Wi-Fi connectivity. The device also has an extended battery, providing extra power to keep your devices running longer.

Why Choose IKOS?

There are several reasons why IKOS is a compelling solution for non-PTA-approved iPhones:

  • Dual SIM Adapters: With IKOS, you can easily manage two SIM cards at once, allowing you to switch between different phone numbers or carriers without hassle.
  • Portable Hotspot: IKOS can act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling you to share mobile data with other devices. This feature is perfect for travel or when you need to work on the go.
  • Extended Battery Life: The device has an internal battery that can provide additional power to your iPhone or other connected devices, ensuring you stay connected even during extended periods without a power source.
  • Cost-Effective: Getting your phone approved by the PTA can be costly and time-consuming. IKOS offers a more affordable alternative, allowing you to use your existing SIM card without additional approval costs. IKOS Devices Prices in Pakistan vary from 13k to 40k depending on the model like IKOS K1S, IKOS K6, and IKOS K7.
  • Ease of Use: Setting up IKOS is straightforward. Once paired with your iPhone, you can start using its features immediately without complicated configurations.


If you have a non-PTA-approved iPhone and want to use it for calls, texts, and mobile data in Pakistan, IKOS offers a cheap and effective solution. Its dual SIM adapters, portable hotspot capabilities, and extended battery life make it a versatile tool that can enhance your mobile experience. Check out IKOS today and experience seamless connectivity and functionality with your iPhone.

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